Query Tool

Title First Name Last Name Maiden Name Gender Birth Place Birth Year Mother Address Lat Long


General Notes:

  • This is a early version of the site, more to come.
  • Right now it uses a local sqlite database. The php file will have to be redone to accept a mysql database.
  • Users can query one field or multiple fields; the javascript and php function are set up in a way to easily accept more fields
  • Queried results will appear in the results table and on the map. Some good last names to try is "Adler" and "Kohn". Only the first 100 results are queried but hopefully that should be enough to find what you are looking for. I did this because the site would get locked up if you queried for something like all males. I do not know if this is beacuse it is a sqlite db or maybe there are a few things I am missing?
  • The markers that appear do have popups which will appear when clicked

Future Additions:

  • Still want to add a section to send emails/requests if a user has found an error or wants to contact the admin.
  • code still needs to be commeted and refactored
  • set up sql to utilize %LIKE% query, and fix up advance query
  • general css cleaning up
  • attribution section
  • leaflet plugins, basemaps, scalebar, etc.