Path-finding Webapp



This is a small path-finding webapp I created that uses a few path finding algorithms to search across a grid. The red cells are where the program has visited while the blue path that appears (for all but Depth-first) shows the shortest path. It starts at the (29,0) or the bottom left and makes its way to (0,29) or the top right.Users can choose which algorithm to run through the drop down. Users can also highlight cells in order to create obstacles by clicking and holding down the mouse. Start will begin the process, reset plot will reset what was selected by the user, and restart will restart the whole grid (restart is required to rerun the program). For the A* algorithm, it uses manhattan distance to calculate the heuristic; I plan on adding an option to change this later on. Some of the things I plan to add include:

  • reset plot resets everything
  • full screen version
  • add options to change heuristic